2022-07-01 16:16


Conference: Bucharest University Faculty of Physics 2019 Meeting

Section: Physics and Technology of Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources

Thermosolar panel for house heat supply


University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, PO Box MG 38, 077125, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania


free energy, thermosolar Panel, low cost

The work is mainly aimed at the heating of a dwelling with the lowest cost. To capture solar energy and transform it into other forms of energy, it approaches the idea of "free energy", at least in the case of this project, by the fact that the cost ratio between maintenance/execution and benefits is very good. The Thermosolar panel is executed from galvanized sheet metal tubes of 8 centimeters diameters and a length of one meter, combined to form segments of 3.5 meters length. The metallic tubes were painted with matte black enamel in the mixture with black smoke, for the best absorption of sun radiation. The ends of 8 sets of tubes of 3.5 meters length, were joined together, thus creating 8 mini panels making the final panel. At the bottom of the building there is the main fan, which pumps the air into the panel, that passes through the 25 meters of the route and is reintroduced into the building floor, this time through two exhaust vents, also provided with spare fans, in case of the main one is failing. The panel was subsequently covered with "float" glass which has an excellent transmission coefficient of 90%. There is no exchange of substance between the inside and outside of the pipes, the air between the glass and the duct has only the role of thermal insulation. After crossing the pipeline route, the air that left the house with a temperature of 18-19 degrees Celsius, reaches the exhaust part with temperature over 57 degrees, while the outside temperature is only 3-4 degrees Celsius. With only 148 W power of the fan we get an average energy intake of over 3.5 Kwh.